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The online store for skaters, by skaters.

Ice Inc was created for skaters...by skaters! Our aim is to provide everything for the skater whatever your level, age or goals. We have over 20 years experience working within Ice Skating, predominantly as Ice Skating competitors and performers and therefore we have firsthand experience of what is required at all levels.

We sell both ice figure skates and ice dance skates to suit individual requirements within the sport. Our ice skates (ice boots / ice blades) and our other products have been tested by us or other top level competitors. With this, rest assured that all our products come highly recommended.

Ice Inc was been created by World Class British & International Ice Dance Champions, Louise Walden and Owen Edwards. Louise and Owen co-founded Ice Inc Ltd in 2010 in a bid to assist with their own training expenses.  Many years on having moved through the ranks competitively, achieving many prestigious accolades and then performing is some of the World's best ice skating shows, Louise and Owen have been regarded as some of the world's best ice skaters.  Now, just as overtly passionate about everything skating as ever, Louise and Owen hope that Ice Inc is their chance to give back to their sport.  

Their ambition for Ice Inc is to eventually set up a fund that will help to assist other skaters develop their talent. Please help Ice Inc grow and reach its full potential in order to support skaters live their passion and achieve their ambitions, whatever they may be. Buying from Ice Inc helps a good cause, customers will ultimately be helping develop the future of the sport we all know and love. Support Ice Inc and make a difference!

To learn more about Louise & Owen visit their site Walden & Edwards - www.BritishIceDance.com

We offer to a full range of Ice skates and Ice Boots from companies such as Belati, Edea, Graf, Harlick, Jackson, Riedell and Risport. We also supply Ice Skating Blades from MK, Wilson, Revolution, Jackson Ultima and Paramount.

Orthopaedic products by Silipos, Rhinestones / Diamante / Crystals by Swarovski, Preciosia and others; Tights by Capezio, Danskin, Mondor and others, Dancewear, Ice Skating Competition and Practice Costumes by Mondor, Sharene, Twizzle Designs and others; Practice and Ice Rink wear such as Chloe Noel, NY2 and MadeByI; Ice Skating Gifts; Ice Skating Greetings Cards, Flowers, Ice Inc Resources such as Ice Skating Music Cutting, Nutrition, Performers and Education; Hair Accessories by Incognito Elegance; Fabrics by Chrisanne; Jewellery; Essentials such as First Aid and Sewing kits; Fitness Resources, other such Ice Skating Apparel and much, much more.

We hope you find everything you need at Ice Inc Skating, but if you have any special requests or you cannot find what you are looking for, then we would love to hear from you.

Please note that occasionally some items may not always be in stock, particularly with higher priced, more advanced or specialist goods. Please feel free to contact us to check stock levels and estimated delivery times. We will always do our best to get your orders to you as quickly as possible.  

Please always order way in advance for orders intended for a special occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays, Competitons etc, so that we can do our best to make your experience with us as efficient as possible. We cannot always guarantee Christmas delivery due to item availability with our manufacturers and suggest you order before 1st December.

Always happy to help and willing to respond to all your requests and enquiries.

Happy Skating!

Louise Walden & Owen Edwards

Ice Inc Ltd Co-founders & Directors


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